Before the Move

How much notice is needed for booking J and T Moving?

The more notice you can provide the better, as more crews should be available for you to choose from. To book online, we require a minimum of 48 hrs. notice. To schedule last minute moves, please contact us via chat so that we can assist you with scheduling of services.

How much time should I book?

Please use our booking guide for estimates. After booking, the selected mover will also be in contact with you to further discuss your move details. If necessary, you may adjust your scheduled book time in your customer portal.

How do I find out what time J and T is arriving?

We always set a date and time upon booking. On the day of the move, we also give you a heads up call when in route.

What if I need to cancel J and T Moving?

Cancelations are subject to cancelation fees. You will lose your deposit. Please contact us ASAP if you need to cancel or reschedule.

Will the crew help me pack?

We focus on loading and unloading services. It is ideal to have everything packed and ready to be loaded upon arrival of crew since they are not professional packers. If you wish to discuss the possibility of adding this to your service, you may discuss that directly with the crew.

Can you drive my truck?

Due to insurance reasons, the crew is not allowed to drive your truck or your personal vehicle/s.

Do you charge extra for stairs or elevators?

J and T Moving does not charge extra for elevators but the job will take longer than normal when an elevator or stairs are involved.

Are the movers background checked?


Is there anything the movers will not load or unload?

Hazardous material, weapons, cash, collectables, jewelry are some examples of the items that we will not move.



During The Move

How do I pay?

We except Credit Card, or Cash Payments upon completion of services.

What if they are late?

Contact us as soon as possible. We will help you get in contact with the crew or help you find an alternate crew.

Should I tip?

Tips are not required but are always appreciated. The tip amount should be based on how well you feel they did. Based on customer feedback, the typical amount is $10-$25 per worker.

What if I book more hours than I need?

In order to avoid availability issues, the crew will block out pre-booked times. Due to this scheduling system, the crew will not have an opportunity to schedule a job during any unused time. Typically, movers do not offer refunds for unused time, however, you may discuss this with the mover directly to see if any exceptions can be made.

What if the crew does not show up?

If the crew is late, please contact at 972-850-MOVE. We will help you find a replacement crew if necessary. We do track no shows in our system and encourage you to leave a review for that crew.

How do I know the crew won’t take their time?

We want satisfied customers because our reviews generate more business for us. If you feel the job took much longer than what is within reason, feel free to contact us and discuss your concerns. 972-850-MOVE

Do crews take lunches and or breaks?

Water and bathroom breaks might be needed, especially during certain weather conditions. In addition to small breaks, lunch breaks may be necessary on long jobs.

Will the crew take apart or put together my items?

Please include assembling and disassembling details in notes to the move coordinator. Some items may require special tools that the crew may or may not have. It is always best to discuss this with our move coordinator before the move date and consider the additional time for assembling/disassembling.


After The Move

If I am dissatisfied, what do I do?

Contact J and T Moving and allow us the opportunity to make it right. We resolve every issue with the proper care and professionalism.

What if damage occurs?

All damages must be filed within 60 days of your job. J and T Moving is only responsible for damage that occurs during the load and/ or unload. We will repair or replace items we determine have been damaged during the load or unload at a rate of $.60 per pound per item as determined by the US DOT standard weights and measurements.